Safeguard Your Property during The Hurricane Season

There is no point in cribbing and rushing to salvage what can be salvaged during a hurricane; there is a high chance that you may be fighting against nature and admitting defeat. Preparation is the key here to save your house and office from damage. For instance, if your house is in a hurricane prone area, there is a chance that your windows and doors may take a hit. This means you need to protect them from damage, but if you procrastinate and try to find help when the hurricane is about to start, you may well, be too late.

Though some people go for taping the windows, they really do not help much. What use is a tapping when an object from outside flying at the wind speed of 111 miles per hour can easily break through the windows and come in? The tape can however, keep the glasses from the window flying around the room but there is no guarantee that the window will not be broken. Rather than taping, it is better to invest in metal shutters or tough plywood. You have to install them in advance and also bear in mind that the plywood is strong and compacted enough to be firmly attached to the windows.

Experts say that one must use 3/5 inch plywood and drilling holes 18 inches apart around the window. This is something that is best done in advance. The other ways to protect is to use impact resistant glass or such sturdy material that have passed the toughest standard tests.

The windows, if you have them in your house, need to be really protected. If the wind is able to break them into pieces, they will not fly inside the house but also the wind may exert pressure on the roof, causing it to fly. This can make the walls give in and the house may become history. This is the reason why one has to take adequate measure of protection and preventative measures to see that such kind of damage does not take place. Here are some tips to follow:
• Remove dried, decayed tree branches, wood etc; around your property.
• If your house is strong and you live outside a storm surge zone you may talk to the authorities whether it is possible for you to go to stay in the house or evacuate to a safer zone.
• If your home is in a storm surge zone, you have to evacuate, there is no other way. If you have to evacuate, you have to keep a hurricane preparation kit which includes foods, provisions, water, important papers, insurance policies, medicines etc. Make sure that you evacuate early in the morning or so when there is less traffic jam. Also prepare a plan as to how you would meet your family member at a particular place. Also keep a good battery powered radio to listen to weather forecasts on a regular basis.

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