Fort Myers Flood Cleanup

Flood Damage Cleanup Services Fort Myers Florida

We are a local, licensed Florida Restoration contractor, that provides services for storm damages, flash floods, broken pipes, sewer backups, hurricanes fire and water damage problems to commercial and residential properties

flood cleanup processCarpets are usually signs of affluence, woven from rich, springy material that cushions your feet and gives your home a great look. But many people don’t realize that their expensive, intricately woven carpets are usually the first to be destroyed by bacteria and fungi should water damage suddenly strike. Should your carpet ever get wet, it will immediately attract various bacteria that feast on decomposing fibers and this infection can spread within a short period of time. Many people decide to deal with the infection themselves by merely scrubbing the affected area thoroughly, but to no avail. They soon realize that the infestation may disappear for a few weeks but then reappear and seem even stronger.

Emergency Restoration Services – Fire, Water, Wind, and Storm Damage Repairs

In these cases, calling a professional water damage removal service would not only be easier, but would also work out cheaper since it could potentially save you from having to replace your expensive carpet. Florida Restoration Pros is available 24 hours a day and can respond to an emergency within an hour. In case of a flood, their first step would be removing the carpet and drying it quickly and effectively so there’s no danger of mold infestation setting in. We are the leading disaster recovery firm and the area, and we will service any residence in Lee County.

drying machineOther times, carpet damage due to moisture occurs because of a leaky appliance such as a dishwasher or a washing machine. The damage may start out small, but can quickly spread if not dealt with immediately. This could even result in the destruction of your carpet if you’re not careful. Florida Restoration Pros can save your carpet from complete ruin of called in time. Their IRCRC-trained professionals can assess the damage done and provide you with an estimate before they start work. They are also extremely efficient and can guarantee your home back in 3-5 days.

Emergency Disaster Recovery – Water Mitigation and Removal in Fort Myers Florida

Dealing with water damage by yourself may seem an inviting and inexpensive option at first, but treating it properly is a must in order to eradicate it completely. If not done properly, the infestation will simply return stronger than ever and continue to reappear until dealt with properly. Professional water restoration services can help you restore your carpet before it’s too late for repair. They have specialized tools designed to effectively dry out your carpet and even deodorize it to remove the foul odor that accompanies the bacteria and fungi infestation. You only need to use their services one time to enjoy a lasting mold-free carpet.

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